Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sometimes I Wonder if I'll get better!

I feel like this guy-->
So, I caught whatever strand of the cold has been going on through these parts and, suffice it to say, I'm beat. I'm tired and I want to get better.

As people get sick there are so many remedies and ideas out there on ways to get better. A friend just recently turned me towards a little piece of medicinal heaven called ZICAM. Yes, as you look at that picture, you stick a little cotton-swabby thing up your nose and let it do it's magic. It's really quite effective. But I have received other remedies that haven't been quite as effective. Thoughts of "What you oughtta do is feed a cold" commercials come floating back into my brain.

So, let's hear it: home remedies for colds? Not-so-home-remedies (like Zicam?) What have you found to be effective, and what can we put to rest as being helpful?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sometimes I Wonder about SIDES!

No, not these sides, side dishes!
I was recently in Austin for a professional conference, and a group of faculty, students, and alumni got together for dinner. We got our eat on at a fantastic little out-of-the-way joint that had the most interesting side items. It got me thinking--what are my favorite side items?
Clearly side items depend on the entree, but are there certain ones that you just have to have? Are there any that you would gag at if they brought to your table? What about the cost of these dear meal companions?

ps, I had the broccoli with lemon butter. Lemon and butter was more like it, but it was delicious.
post ps, the eastside cafe is a great place. they grow all of the vegetables that they use in their garden. you can read more about it on their website, cleverly linked above.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sometimes I Wonder if I know how to blog....

What a summer! I have so much to report on that I'll do a quick list, since lists seem to make people feel productive and efficient:
1. Finished my first year of Grad School and took my comprehensive finals.
2. Passed my comprehensive finals.
3. Was interviewed for the clinical program.
4. Was admitted into the clinical program.
5. Read some books.
6. Moved to a new house.
7. Went back to Salt Lake City, UT for a visit and
8. Went back to Portland, OR for my 10 YEAR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION!
9. Came back from Portland.
10. Started school and started seeing clients.
(that last one had two items, but I like to stop at 10. If it's good enough for Dave, it's good enough for me.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Sometimes I Wonder About SANDWICHES*

Eating sandwiches is a more regular experience for me as of late. During this past year at school, I have had the pleasure of frequenting a fresh establishment nearly twice a week. It gets kind of old, but I really do like it a lot.
I really like sandwiches in general. And, there are a lot of places around here that really make some delicious types(case in point, Panera Bread Co. They make some good ones.)
I looked at the history of sandwiches and learned that it didn't just start with the Earl of Sandwich, John Montague. Who knows exactly where they started, but whoever thought of putting different items between slices of bread-like material, we salute you.

What are your favorites? What is the weirdest combination?
Might I offer some suggestions? A la my dad, the tricky "Pork and Bean Sandwich." Seriously. He was a sandwich scientist (not to be confused with artist, which would qualify him to work for Subway). He had these things down. He could make a sandwich out of anything.

This post could branch into different directions (like hot dogs, fast food sandwiches, the hamburger, etc). Say what you want. But let's give it up for the Sandwich.

*Post Script: I recognize that this may be a play off of a previous post, but I'm getting back in the game. Give a minute or two to loosen up.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sometimes I Wonder about SLURPEES.

Recently we here in the metro area of our nation's capital celebrated the festival of the Cherry Blossom. People came from far and wide to clog the streets (even more than regular) to catch a view of the trees and their blossoms. I was told that it was the start of the tourist season. Great.

Having seen some fantastic views of the Jefferson Memorial amidst the blossoms, and after a little bit of thought (man...those really look like popcorn balls. What a nice surprise...it wasn't really so, but it seemed to me), it occurred that Spring time was around the corner. That means that Summertime is not too far away, too. Drums, please.

Summers mean all sorts of things to people. To me, I start thinking of all the delicious food and treats. Chief among them is my favorite: the Slurpee. I love them. I have become a connoisseur of sorts. I seek for the best Slurpee experience for everyone. I have been to many of the Seven-Eleven's around my house and have found some to be superior over others in their selection of slurpee flavors and in their keep up on the mix.

I started wondering where Slurpees got their start. I found my answers on www.slurpee.com. It is fantastic website that shares history, fun facts and even a few games on my favorite semi-frozen treat. I commend it to you as something worth reading up on.

So, I didn't have to wonder anymore about the Slurpee. I do, however, wonder about your take on it. How does it compare to the Slush-Puppy? The ICEE? The ever popular Shave Ice? How do you feel about mixing flavors? What is your favorite? I wonder. Do you have any special memories from your life where the beloved Slurpee was present? What about the "brain freeze?" Do you know/practice any technique in keeping from having that happen? Does anybody wonder why they happen? Please join with me as I wonder about the Slurpee.

For taking the chance on a risky business, to you, sev, I say Thank Heaven.

Acknowledgments: Tiff and AB, Aisy, RR, and all the rest who encouraged me to get back to the basics--stop doing school and start writing blogs--This blog's for you.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sometimes I Wonder About Quesadillas.

Due to a recent phenomenon, the quesadilla has taken a HUGE step forward--from obscurity into light. What once was a side item at that took a back seat to the fajita or burrito*, has now been launched into stardom. Kids are asking for them. People are ordering them. It's the newest link in the recent chain of latin craze.

A trip down memory lane
I enjoyed the occaisional cheesey-tortilla when I was a kid, but much preferred the nachos to the tortilla. I think it was just my young affinity for fried foods that made the chips so appealing. But, as I entered college--yes, college--I was introduced to a cheap snack. And, since my funds were a bit sparse, I relished in this dish. (although relish was used in that last sentence, no relish was used in the making of this blog, nor any quesadilla by yours truly.)

I was straight up PO-O-O-O-OR when I started school. Cheese was expensive, but tortillas were not. And, it provided a nice change of taste from my staple, the local gem. Since then, I have scarffed down quesadillas like mad. I'm a plain kinda kid. Cheese and tortilla is good enough for me. Others get really serious and add all sorts of flavors and concoctions.

Tell me: have YOU ever wondered about the quesadilla? Again, simple, but sublime. What do you like on them? Who makes the best? Is there such thing as a healthy one?

This post is dedicated to the homies from Crestwood. You know who you is.

*click on the video link on the right called "Da-na Da Da-na..."

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sometimes I Wonder about CHOCOLATE MILK

Moving to another state when you are about to be the BMOC (which was 5th grade where I was) is kind of jarring. No friends, no real way of telling what is "cool," no experience to tell if your teacher was a good one or not. Man, I'm almost feeling the pain again.
I showed up to my first day of 5th grade in a t-shirt, some shorts, and my DOPE Converse Skid Grips. In my old hometown, the cool thing was to buy just the right size so as to not have to have your laces in them. It presented a problem at kickball games, but man did you look cool. I had my slightly faded navy blues with no laces on the bottom, some sweet plaid, seer-sucker shorts, and a navy blue t-shirt. I was teased incessently. Even my teacher got in on the zings. "So do kids from Utah not have shoelaces? Or did you just forget yours today?" Eat it, Mr. Smith.
That first day was hard. Thoughts of recess and lunch were running through my head, but who would I play with? Who would I sit with? Recess was uneventful, pretty much just stood around that first day. I may have played four square, but as you can see, some events are better to just fade. Lunchtime. That's where I'm going with this. Lunchtime was the treat.
You see, school lunch was always one of my favorite things. Even when I carried my own lunch in my SWEET Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom lunchbox
I went into the lunchroom with my little red ticket in hand. What came next was a choice that was so exciting to me I'm blogging about it today. Which would I like: Regular milk or Chocolate Milk? Duh. Chocolate. No question. That deliciousness in a box was one of the best things of my new school. I was so glad to know that I had a friend in the lunchroom.
Chocolate milk is one of my most favorite beverages. It hits the spot so well so much of the time. What a treat it was when we were little. What a treat it is now! Buying the huge gallon jug of it is great. Getting the little school sized milks is great. Getting the Milk Chugs is great.
I just can't get it off of my mind right now.
Where did Chocolate Milk come from? Who thought this thing up? Who knew how good it was for us? Don't believe me, check out this article, or maybe this one. Bet you didn't think much about it being a good drink for athletes, did you? Make sure you read the article linked in that blog.
I have my favorite Chocolate Milk. There was nothing better. Perhaps you have a favorite brand. Perhaps you have a favorite taste that goes along with it. I know I do. Cheerios in Chocolate Milk is my Breakfast of Champions. Perhaps you think Chocolate milk is gross. Perhaps you've heard about this NASTY rumor.
Either way, let's hear it. Chocolate milk. Does it make you wonder?

Post script. I actually did make a lot of friends that year. And, my teacher wasn't such a butt after all. He was actually pretty cool.